Easy Workouts to Do in Your Apartment

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PlankMore and more often, people are ditching the gym to work out at home. What’s not to love? You can avoid the crowds, take as many breaks as you need to without judgment and exercise when your schedule allows.

But if you live in our apartments in Austin, we're all about being courteous to our neighbors. That means your workouts can’t involve blaring music—at least not without headphones—or loud jumping that sounds like you’re about to smash through your neighbor’s ceiling!

Luckily, you can still get your sweat on in your apartment without disturbing anyone, using these five exercises.

The Routine

Here are five of our favorite exercises for a full-body workout. None of these exercises require any weights or tools other than your body weight, though you can modify them with dumbbells or resistance bands, depending on your comfort level.

For a complete workout, complete three reps of this routine during each workout. Take a breather of at least 30 seconds before beginning a new rep.

If you’re completing the full-body workout, aim to finish the routine two to three times a week. If you only do upper-body or lower-body exercises, experts recommend three to four days of strength training a week.

For Your Core

  • Plank. You might have loathed the trusty plank in gym class, but there’s no better way to strengthen your abs and back. Hold yourself up on your toes with your arms fully extended about shoulder-width apart. Stay steady for 30 seconds to start, and work yourself up to 90 seconds.
  • Bent-knee crunch. To strengthen your abs, lie with your knees bent and your hands folded behind your head. The key here is to leave your tailbone and lower back on the ground as you crunch. Aim for 15–20 repetitions.

For Your Legs

  • Wall sits. Try this exercise if you want to feel the burn in your thighs. Bend your knees and lean against a wall, as if you’re sitting in a chair. Make sure your knees are above your toes. Hold for 30–60 seconds.
  • Lunges. Step forward with one foot as if crossing an obstacle in your path. Make sure to keep your torso upright and centered. Next, bend down with your other leg into a lunge, ensuring that you’re dropping your hips to the floor. Lunges are appealing because they’re versatile; you can add weights or boxes to change up your routine. Aim for 30 lunges in each set.

For Your Arms

  • Spiderman pushups. Get a little more out of your pushup routine. While you’re lowering yourself to the ground in a pushup, bring your knee to the elbow on the same side. Do the same on your other side. Repeat until you’ve completed six sets.

Working out in the privacy of your own apartment is great, but in our Austin apartments at Madison at Stone Creek, you don’t have to limit yourself to in-home exercise. Our state-of-the-art fitness center gives you the aerobic and weight-lifting machines you need to stay fit, while our outdoor pools let you swim laps for a change of pace. Give us a call to see what other amenities our apartment community features!

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